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This will make BEA a little more interesting - "role model" Fergie sells out ex-husband

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, and "author" of Helping Hand Books: Emily’s First Day at School will be the Master of Ceremonies for the BEA Children's Author Breakfast. Other books in what sounds like a ground-breaking series are Ashley Learns About Strangers, Matthew and the Bullies, and Michael and His New Baby Brother. More books are planned.

I wonder if they will now include Sarah Learns About Betrayal. Because today the AP reports "Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson said Sunday she was "very sorry" for her lapse of judgment after she was recording apparently offering to sell access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew in return for 500,000 pounds ($724,000)."

The rest of the story.

At the time the book deal was announced in March, Frances Gilbert, VP, Publisher of Sterling Children's Books, said, "The Duchess has shown us that one can face life's challenges with grace and strength. What better role model to share her wisdom about how to navigate the twists and turns of today's family?"

What better role model indeed?

My initial reaction to the deal.

One of my first LJ posts was about Fergie.

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