aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Will bookstores soon go the way of music stores?

I’m old enough that I remember when music stores sold records. People a few years younger than me might say they were old enough to remember music stores. Downloads have put most music stores out of business. Will the same thing happen to bookstores?

The Wall Street Journal seems to think so. A recent story begins: “In the massive new Barnes & Noble superstore on Manhattan's Upper East Side, generous display space is devoted to baby blankets, Art Deco flight clocks, stationery and adult games like Risk and Stratego. The eclectic merchandise, which has nothing to do with books, may be a glimpse into the future of Barnes & Noble Inc., the nation's largest book chain.”

Read more here.

It’s interesting to me that I am slowly, slowly separating in my head the content of the book from it’s physical object - cover, heft, deckle edge or plain, hardcover or paperback, font and type size. Even ten years ago I would have thought a book and the story it contains were one and the same thing.

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