aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Five things on a Friday

1. I have to finish a book by the end of the day Monday. Have to.

2. Why do clothing companies use ambiguous names for colors? My husband asked me to order him a pair of pants in the gray color. My choices included Sand, Stone, and Asphalt. Sand is obviously tan. I _thought_ Stone was gray, but it wasn't. It was also tan, a very light tan, which my husband insists is really more of a white. Asphalt, which I would think would be black, was actually a shade of gray.

3. Why don't my husband and I see colors the same way? Certain shades of blue, green, purple or gray one of us will tag one way, say "gray," while the other is equally adamant that it is say, "light purple."

4. Being able to breathe through your nose is totally underrated. If you can breathe through your nose right now, appreciate it.

5. It is not yet summer in Portland. I'm still wearing wool sweaters.

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