aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

How do you celebrate?

On Friday night, I babysat for a friend who has three kids - a baby, a three year old, and a seven year old. The seven year old asked me a lot of questions about how to write a book and whether I planned it out in advance. (Kind of that old plotter or pant-ser question). I told her a little bit about a plot I was working on, and said that in many stories things got worse and worse as the story went along. And she bounced up and down and said, “But then there’s one good thing at the end!” Exactly.

She started writing and illustrating her own book, about imaginary creatures called Pips. It included samples of a Pip's fur (a colored cotton ball after I told her she could not trim some fur off her stuffed horse) and a secret code.

I had told her I was close to finishing my own book. She said, “When I’m done with my book, I’m going to celebrate. How do you celebrate when you finish?”

From the mouths of babes. I suck at celebrating. How do you celebrate?

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