aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Like a page from one of my thrillers

On Saturday, I was at Aveda Instititue with Teen. She was getting a haircut, and I was getting a brow wax (which still seems like such an extravagance, but since it’s all done by students, it costs like $8 each). After I was done, I paid for both of us, then sat down with a manuscript and worked for about 30 minutes. Thinking Teen must be close to being done, I got up and tried to find her. Between the two sections, about 40 people were getting their hair cut. But I didn’t see Teen.

I stopped back at the desk and asked what station she was at. After some tapping, the woman at first tried to tell me that Teen had never been there at all. After clarification on how to spell Teen’s last name, she said brightly, “She’s finished and she left.”

What?? She wasn’t upstairs, she wasn’t downstairs, and when I ran outside she wasn’t there either. I called her phone and got no answer.

It was like I had stepped into one of my own teen thrillers. And it was no fun at all.

Of course, it turned out that she had been getting her hair cut in an area that held about 10 brown-haired girls. And when she felt her phone start ringing, she had decided it would be rude to answer it and left it in her pocket.

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