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As promised, the results of my Kindle experiment

This summer, Amazon is changing around the way it pays royalties to folks who self-pub on the Kindle, or who, like me, bring back their old out-of-print books to the Kindle. Royalty rates will rise to 70%, but you can’t price your book at less than $2.99 to get that. Some people say that if you price your book really cheap, like 99 cents, you can sell enough copies to make up for it.

Curious, I ran a little test. During the month of May, I dropped my prices to 99 cents each. I sold three times as much. Which meant, I made exactly as much money as I had the month before, when the books cost 2.99 and I sold one third as many. And given the new royalty rates, it didn't make any sense to keep the price at 99 cents. To keep up, I would have needed to see nine times as much! So they are back to $2.99. They include:

Learning to Fly has been optioned for film twice, translated into three languages (I actually made a ton of money in France), and went into four printings. It's about a 19 year old girl named Free who doesn't like her life - and then she walks away from a multi-car accident with another woman's identity and a bag of cash that originally belonged to a drug dealer.

Circles of Confusion was my first published book (the fourth I wrote, though). Claire Montrose inherits what might be a long-lost Vermeer painting - and a lot of people are very interested. I stole a lot of dumb things I had done and gave them to Claire, which made them not stupid, but funny. Like the time I got into a cab at New York in the front seat (I had never ridden in a a cab before) and the taxi driver proposed marriage. A Booksense pick, finalist for Agatha and Anthony awards. I went to a lot of banquets the year after it came out, and let me tell you, it's impossible to eat while you wait for them to announce the awards.

Square in the Face was the second in Claire's adventures. Claire helps her friend track down the child she gave up to a secret adoption agency.

In Heart-Shaped Box, Claire goes to her 20th high school reunion. At the beginning, a cheerleader is found strangled to death. In her hands is a hand carved wooden box with her photo in it. Claire and a number of other women at the reunion have also received boxes. Next to Circles of Confusion, this was probably the most popular book in the series.

Buried Diamonds explores a 50-year-old mystery - and reveals the hidden past of Claire's roommate.

Here's a link to all my books on the Kindle.

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