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Free “Penny Dreadfuls” to be available on the Kindle

A few months back, the British Library announced that this spring it will begin offering not only such classic works (including the original type-faces and illustrations) as Charles Dickens's Bleak House and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Seattle’s PI Intelligencer reports: “Happily, along with the high class fiction, the UK library's freebies will also include the world's finest collection of cheap, tawdry, lowdown, lowbrow, Victorian trash. Get ready to heat up your cold Kindle with a torrid "Penny Dreadful." ... The British version of a dime novel, these serialized stories were originally aimed at working class readers.” Interestingly, “Publishers pandered to the market to such an extent that juvenile delinquency and crime were soon blamed on the influence of "impure literature."”

Read more and see some great examples here.

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