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I survived! It was a nearly six hour flight, and I worked the whole time, reading and marking up the manuscript I finished on Memorial Day. It probably still needs a lot of work, but it's better. It was a miracle I was able to do anything in the cramped seat. The girl on the other side of my row was reading Infinite Jest - and she was only 18. She said she loved to read. I was very impressed.

I even managed to get the right train from the airport, although there was an odd moment when one of the roaming red-jacketed attendants offered to sell me a $15 ticket for $10. God only knows where he got it. I probably shouldn't have bought it but it worked. I even managed to find my way out of Penn Station and to my hotel, which was about a 10-minute walk. The only hiccup was that my room wasn't ready, so I had to sit around for 45 minutes. I checked my email.

Then I stuck my stuff in my room, and walked to the Shake Shack (www.shakeshacknyc.com), which I hear always has a 40-minute line. I got a totally naughty dinner - a Shake Stack burger, which has a burger topped with a deep-friend portabella mushroom, cheese fries, and a black and white shake (not sure what that is). It was all really tasty and I'm sure my liver is going into shock right now. But I didn't get any lunch and I figure I'll be doing a lot of walking.

Tomorrow I visit my publishers, then walk up to MoMa (big chicken that I am, I intend on walking everyplace, plus see above for details on the meal which needs to be burned off) to see the Henri Cartier Bresson photography exhibit (http://www.moma.org/visit/calendar/exhibitions/968), then meet another author for coffee at 5:30. I'm not sure what I will do in the evening.

I hope all my LJ friends (and lurkers) are doing well.

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