aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The Eighth Wonder of the World

Just worked out in the hotel's "fitness room." Like most such places, it is tiny, but mirrored on all four sides so they can take a picture of it that makes it look ginormous. [Aside: the LJ spellchecker knows ginormous!]

When I came in, a blonde young woman was pedaling an exercise bike. And a sinewy guy in his late 40s was on an elliptical machine.

Have you ever heard that joke? The one that goes: I really wanted a moaner for Christmas, but all I got was a sweater?

This guy was like a waterfall. Sweat was running down him, all over the machine, and puddled on the floor. The woman and I occasionally exchanged glances as this man doggedly pedaled and pushed. Finally he left, with just a cursory wipe of the machine. And the other woman and I both went "Ew!"

And after that, no fewer than eight hotel staff came in. One bought one of those "Caution! Wet floor!" yellow signs. Others just came to marvel. They wanted to know if he had spilled a cup of water, or just gotten out of the sauna. They couldn't believe that one human being could sweat so much. Finally some poor guy came in with a bucket of water and bleach and mopped the whole thing up.

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