aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

My trip to NYC

Highlights of my trip to New York City:
- Meeting my team at Holt. They are working to make Girl, Stolen a success.
- Having a team! An actual team!
- Viewing the photos at the Henri Cartier Bresson exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.

- Meeting amvrettos in person and realizing I liked her even more than I like her online.
- Eating amazing meals at Tabla, Tamarind, and the Shake Shack.
- Seeing Love, Loss, and What I Wore from front row center seats so close I could have touched Sherri Shepherd's blue-painted toe nails in sky-high black platforms (she has beautiful muscled legs).
- Not getting lost, which was another first.
- Buying like 10 different things at Uniqlo for $88.
- Spending two relaxing days in upstate New York with a good friend I hadn't seen in nearly a decade.
- Meeting Dave King, who wrote The Ha-Ha: A Novel, one of the best books I've read - and talking to him about writing and his new book coming out next year!
- Seeing fireflies for the first time in my life.

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