aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Is Al Gore really a "crazed sex poodle?"

A Portland masseuse is claiming that Al Gore attacked her when he was in Portland four years ago talking about global warming. She says she had been called to his hotel room to give him a massage and he wanted much more. She also didn't show up for police interviews and didn't want to pursue a criminal case. If it's true, I can see why. Your life would get turned upside down. She's already being followed by reporters who describe her as if she were a celebrity.

Read the Oregonian's report here.

Read the much longer Smoking Gun report here.

I like Gore. I voted for Gore. I think he was robbed of the presidency.

But I kind of wonder if she is telling the truth. And part of that has to do with her excellent vocabulary. Which I know is illogical. The Oregonian says, "She said she was intimidated by his physical size, calling him "rotund," described his "violent temper, dictatorial, commanding attitude" -- what she termed a contrast from his "Mr. Smiley global-warming concern persona."

Portland is a small enough town that I'll bet I know someone who knows her.

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