aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

How could WINCO Foods do this to me?

When it's cold out, I start my day with a big bowl of Red River, Whole Grain Hot Cereal. I freaking love that stuff. I top it with berries I have frozen during the summer: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and pie cherries. And walnuts. And brown sugar.

It is the bomb.

A few weeks ago, WINCO had it on sale for like a dollar off. Even though it's finally gotten warm and I'm not eating much hot cereal, I bought five boxes. Today it was marked down to less than half off. And the tag bore the letter D like this: DDDDDD. I asked. D meant discontinued. [edited to add: I believe at the store, not from the company. The company is Canadian.]

I bought every box they had.

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