aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The things I do for research

I'm working on a book called Finish Her Off. In it, a girl comes to on a cabin floor. Two men are standing over her. One of them says, "She doesn't know anything. Take her out back and finish her off." And she realizes she doesn't know anything - not even who she is.

She has to get away and stay one step ahead of her pursuers as they try to hunt her down.

And she's missing two fingernails on her left hand because they pulled them out.

I wondered how much that would hurt (I know it's a common torture method) and how much it would hurt later, as she's on the run.

Tonight I was chopping some very chewy bread to make croutons. The knife came down at a strange angle. And now I'm missing the top third of my fingernail. So one-third of my nail bed is exposed.

I'm going to call it research. The first thing I learned is it doesn't bleed as much as you think. The second thing I learned is that the pain is sharp. And the third thing I learned is that water hurts like a son of a gun.

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