aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The circle continues to tighten around missing boy's stepmother

Second-grader Kyron Horman disappeared a few miles from here after touring his school's science fair with his step-mom on June 4th. She said they parted outside his classroom. He has not been seen since.

There have been a number of leaks to the media since. Willamette Week reported that stepmom's cell phone had been in the vicinity of Sauvie's Island that day and search teams have been observed there on land and water. The best explanation the family came up with was that they go there at Halloween to get pumpkins. The cops never referred to it as a kidnapping.

Meanwhile, the step-mom's kind-of-crazy family life was parsed. Her Facebook page analyzed. The cops took her car - twice.

And now this. Her husband - Kyron's dad - has filed for divorce, gotten a restraining order and asked for sole custody of their 18-month old.


When I first heard the step-mom looked like a suspect, I felt terrible. I guess a stranger kidnapping him would be worse, but I just feel so bad about this.

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