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Catching a killer when you have no suspects

How do you catch a murderer when you have no suspects? When the killer is someone the victim probably didn’t even know?

A double murderer was just sentenced in Portland. It seems like he killed one man when he walked in on the guy burglarizing his house. His “take,” such as it was, included $40 in loose change. A woman the guy picked up (and perhaps pretended to befriend) was killed for the $400 she had won playing video poker.

The Oregonian says one key to solving the case was “A cunning Portland detective who raced to the nearest Fred Meyer store to check surveillance images of people cashing in loose change after Callaway's partner pointed out that their overflowing Carlo Rossi wine jug of coins had been stolen.”

This story of stranger murders also has a strange twist - the killer later broke back in to the first house and fixed himself a meal. His DNA was found on the fork.

Read more about this case here.

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