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Writer’s stroke leaves him unable to read with his eyes - so now he reads with his tongue

I heard a fascinating story on NPR about a mystery writer who woke up one morning and looked at his newspaper. But something was wrong. “When he looked at the front page — it was the Toronto Globe and Mail, an English-language journal — the print on the page was unlike anything he had seen before. It looked vaguely "Serbo-Croatian or Korean," or some language he didn't know. Wondering if this was some kind of joke, he went to his bookshelf, pulled out a book he knew was in English, and it too was in the same gibberish.”

As a writer, that would be my worst fear. He had had a stroke and was left “word blind.” And his ability to read with his eyes has never come back. But the unique solution he found has allowed him to read again.

Read - and hear and watch - the full story here. .

Howard Engel's books - including a book he wrote with Oliver Sacks..

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