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My YA column debuts in the Oregonian

Thanks to LJer Dori Butler, I got the bright idea of copying her and pitching a YA column to the Oregonian. There aren't enough YA columns out there. They bit! Here's my very first one. In it, I review Michael Harmon's Skate (a first novel) and E. Lockhart's The Boy Book. Both good, although very different.

Now every 6-8 weeks I will review YA fiction with a Northwest focus. I'm really excited.

I was going to pick up one of the books in that pile today, but instead my hand wandered over to another pile and I found myself reading LJer DL Garfinkle's Storky. Normally I would say it would be tough for an adult woman to pull off a 14 year old boy's first person book (complete with troubles he has with with embarrassing erections), but the book is completely believable and snort aloud funny.

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