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A self-pubbed book that is actually filling a niche

Most self-pubbed books sound like a bad idea to me. One man has had a measure of success selling him to his target demographic on certain subway lines in NYC. This is a self-published book with a difference: The author went to prison and then wrote “Changin’ Your Game Plan: How to Use Incarceration as a Stepping Stone for Success.”

The New York Times says, “With little or no marketing muscle behind him, Mr. Kearse said he had sold some 14,000 copies of his self-published books in the last three years, at $10 each, mostly through hand-to-hand sales. He has also sold about 4,000 copies of a 750-page, 10,000-entry dictionary of urban slang terms, “Street Talk,” through Barricade Books of Fort Lee, N.J., the publisher said.
Most novice authors would be lucky to sell that many books through traditional and online stores. Mr. Kearse seems to have reached those numbers largely on his own hustle.

“My quota is 35 books a day,” Mr. Kearse said. “If I don’t hit that number, I’m staying out until I do. Overtime.””

You can read more here.

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