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James Patterson conquers the world

The Wall St. Journal reports, “Crime writer James Patterson publishes in 38 languages and produces nine books a year. Now he's angling to become a bigger global phenomenon.

Mr. Patterson plans to partner on his new "Private" series with writers in Germany, Italy, England and Australia. Mr. Patterson has long relied on co-authors to keep up his break-neck publishing schedule, but by teaming up with authors overseas, he's establishing a new model of international franchise. For each new book in the "Private" series, Mr. Patterson will write a mystery novel centering on Jack Morgan, a former CIA agent who runs an international investigation firm with branches and clients around the world. ... Then, an overseas author will write his own version of the story, featuring the same criminal investigation from the foreign detective's perspective. American characters may have cameos in the overseas versions.”

Read more about Patterson’s plans for world dominion..

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