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A must view if you like book covers

Over on Publishers Weekly, Elizabeth Bluemle says, "I’m so curious about how book-jacket trends develop. It’s probably just something in the zeitgeist that brings a whole season of, say, close-ups of hands or stripey socks and tennis shoes or flowers illuminated as if shot on a lightbox. Or close-ups of girls’ faces, or face parts, or the backs of teenagers’ heads, or blue-jeaned hips. Or, for that matter, entire herds of dustcovers with photos of dramatically lit girls framed by dark foliage or fabric.

So she groups recent YA book covers together: florals, foliage, wings, keys, male silhouette, period costume, gowns, hair blowing across faces, girl out in the world, hands holding something, and faces.

And look - there's Girl, Stolen in the "hands" section.

See all the covers here.

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