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Serial killer used books to help him hide his crimes

I always worry that strangers will wonder why I’m buying books like Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation, Seventh Edition. [The edition I have has some photos of aftermaths I wish I had never, ever seen.] It turns out one serial killer has been reading the same kind of books - and using the ideas he found in them to make it less likely that he’ll be caught.

The Washington Post reports, “The man responsible for the slayings of two mothers and their daughters in the Largo area last year is a crafty serial killer who pored through books about forensic science to learn how to clean up his crime scenes and intentionally changed his killing methods to confuse detectives, law enforcement sources close to the investigation said. He holds two master's degrees and was so good that he duped an FBI profiler into concluding that the killings were unrelated, the sources said. And long after he is brought to trial, Prince George's Police Chief Roberto L. Hylton predicted, he will be remembered as "one of America's most infamous killers."”

Read more about this disturbing case here.

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