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The internet has changed everything - including armchair detecting

The internet has changed pretty much everything, for better or worse. The news cycle is now like the news treadmill. And now if you’re fascinated by a criminal case, you can feel like you’re part of it, thanks to true-crime forums.

Portland - and a lot of the nation - is riveted by the case of the missing 7-year-old, Kyron Horman. The stepmother is under scrutiny, and now it’s come out that her best friend, Dede Spicher, disappeared for 90 minutes on the day Kyron went missing. The Oregonian reports: “Online sleuths unearthed Spicher's health and gardening page on blogspot.com (she's a fitness junkie!) and then her Twitter account was revealed. Next came a year-old photo on Flickr from a fundraising race, and, finally, Spicher's post on Terri Horman's Facebook page 36 hours after Kyron Horman was last reported being seen outside his Skyline Elementary classroom: "Thinking of you and Kaine and praying for Kyron's safe return." By dawn, the vetting was in full swing. Members of ScaredMonkeys.net and Insessiontrials.com crime forums outed Spicher's father as a member of the Klamath County Sheriff's Office search and rescue, one of scores of agencies that helped search for Kyron. And threads by commenters on other sites were exploring Spicher's tax, real estate and ancient online records.”

Read more about how online sleuths are muddying - and occasionally clearing - the waters. .

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