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You can make a big difference in a kid’s life

Do you write or read books for middle schoolers or young adults? There’s an organization in the San Antonio area, Haven for Hope, that helps the homeless. Josie Martinez, who volunteers as a librarian there, says, “We rely on donations to add to our library collection.  We receive lots of kids books but we rarely get books appropriate for middle school or high school students. We set up story time for the younger readers and book discussions with the older kids while their parents are attending workshops on Saturday morning.”

This is the Haven for Hope website:  http://www.havenforhope.org/.

Books can be lifelines for kids, showing them a world outside their own. I’m packing up some copies of Shock Point
and Torched to send to her.

Won’t you help? You can send new or used books in good condition to:
Josie Martinez c/o Yolanda Edwards
Haven for Hope Children/Teens Library Program
1 Haven for Hope Way
San Antonio, Texas 78207
(210) 220-2100

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