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AuthorHouse finds more innovative ways (to part you from your money)

Hey, if you want to pay someone to publish your book, for just $3,499, you can get the “Hollywood Connection Publishing and Marketing” package from AuthorHouse, which includes such exciting items as a “personalized back cover.”

The website says:
“The Hollywood Connection publishing package features premium AuthorHouse publishing and marketing services and includes:
- Hollywood Coverage service – a concise synopsis of the book that is the industry-standard tool for identifying viable new material.
- Placement in AuthorHouse’s Hollywood Database, which is accessible to movie and television writers, agents, directors, actors and producers.”

Yeah, I bet that “accessible” database is used a TON by all those producers and directors.

But wait, there’s more. For just, $6,199, there’s “Hollywood Rainmaker Publishing and Marketing.”
And this has all of the above, plus:
“- A professional Hollywood treatment of the book written by a professional screenwriter.
- All rights to ownership of the treatment.”

I can picture the “professional screenwriter” right now. He or she is muttering under his breath that he never thought he would end up doing this.

The press release says: ““Several AuthorHouse books have made it to the big screen, including ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘September Dawn,’ and we’re pleased to provide authors with these exclusive opportunities to be discovered,” said Keith Ogorek, senior vice president of marketing for Author Solutions, Inc.—AuthorHouse’s parent company.”

But I think this is disingenuous. The movie Legally Blonde, was filmed October-December 2000, and released June, 2001. The AuthorHouse edition of Legally Blonde was published in 2001, after the movie was already in the can. And September Dawn? It was filmed in early 2006, and the book came out in 2007. The author herself says, “A prolific producer of many major motion pictures once told me that the story of how my first screenplay, September Dawn became a movie was a miracle. It began when I brought the first draft of September Dawn to my very dear friend, Christopher Cain of Young Guns fame.”

So I think AuthorHouse is twisting the truth. But hey, if you can make some money....

Remember folks - money should flow to the writer. Not away.

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