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Faux nostalgia as the British set up a drive-in movie theatre

When I was kid, we used to pile into the station wagon - us kids already dressed in our PJS - and go the drive-in, where we usually fell asleep. When I was a teenager, I would go to drive-in with my boyfriend and watch soft porn (like a remake of Alice in Wonderland).

It seems the English have a romanticized view of drive-ins that relies heavily on the movie Grease as source material. Now, according to Ad Age, a guy has invented the Starlite Urban Drive-In where viewers “can watch films while settled comfortably in one of a range of shiny new Volvos in East London. The cars are pre-parked, so you don't even need a drivers' license, and the $40 ticket buys you a drink and some popcorn as well as a seat. The film's soundtrack is broadcast through the car's radio while waitresses on roller skates take food and drink orders.”

There’s even a restaurant that has "[roduced a special Starlite menu of burgers, meatloaf and sweet potato pie, followed by ice cream sundaes or chocolate brownies and cream.”

Meatloaf? Sweet potato pie? In what drive-in were those ever consumed? It sounds like those restaurants that supposedly serves you food from the Middle Ages. Only this is my history they are tampering with.

Read more here.

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