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Kiersten White explains why paranormal romance is so appealing to teens

Kiersten White, the author of Paranormalcy, talks about why she thinks paranormal romance will never go out of style. She says, "it's the ultimate metaphor for teenage romance."

In a blog post that is amusing, well-reasoned, and well-written, she says in part:
"Remember when you were a teenager and that guy/girl was both the object of your affection (okay, obsession, because admit it, you totally doodled his/her name all over your notebooks, and you had elaborate daydreams involving nothing more than an imagined conversation and how it would go and what you would say and how that would then make him/her realize that he/she was desperately in love with you and then...but you could never really get past that part because you weren't sure what would happen or what you wanted to happen, so best just to go back to the conversation and make it even better, and make yourself sound even cleverer and flirtier and then, dude, STOP OBSESSING I NEED TO GET ON WITH THIS BLOG POST) and a source of constant, agonizing frustration?

Because you liked that boy/girl to distraction. But you did. not. understand them. What made them tick? Why did they always wear that particular sweatshirt on Tuesdays? What did the initials written in sharpie on their backpack mean? What on earth were they thinking and how could you ever, ever get to the point where you knew whether or not they liked you, too? And even if you did miraculously get to that point, how would you know that you didn't like them more than they liked you? How would you know whether or not your relationship would last until the next dance or until FOREVER?"

You've got to read the rest for yourself right here. If the book is as good as this blog post, it's a winner.

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