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Juggling a half-dozen projects at a time

In the last six weeks, I have dealt with a bunch of projects. This is mostly due to writing an adult book and a teen book each year. Even if you only write one book a year, you still might find yourself touching parts of three books - the book that's out in the world, the book that's being edited, and the book you're currently writing.

So in the last six weeks:
- Lis and I finished the fourth in the Triple Threat Series.
- We are proofing Heart of Ice, which won't be out until April, but which there is already a lot of buzz in-house.
- A friend and I revamped our Sooper Sekrit middle grade project.
- I answered questions from fans about some of the nine (nine!! how did I get to this point?) books I have published. (and fans? how did I get any of those?)
- I tried not to think anxiously about the editorial letter I will get for my next YA, The Girl in the Mini Cooper, sometime in the next few weeks.
- I taught for a week at the Oregon Coast Children's Book Writers Workshop (and let me tell you, if you go to this you get your money's worth about five times over. Never have I seen anything more hands-on).
- I jumped back into writing my YA after next, Finish Her Off.
- I did some promo for Girl, Stolen.
- I still kind of felt at loose ends because I am not neck-deep in any one book.

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