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Writing what you DON'T know

The book I just finished writing is about a girl who is blind - and gets kidnapped. I'm not blind. Until I started writing the book, I didn't even know anyone who was blind. I read a ton of books, emailed back and forth with some people who are blind, and spoke on the phone with a high school girl who has been blind since birth.

But it's a tricky thing, portraying someone you're not and probably never be. Some people pull it off, like LJer DL Garfinkle's Storky. Others miss the mark, like a book I read once about a woman, a nursing mother, whose baby is taken from her for three days. My breasts hurt just thinking about it. The author, a man, never mentioned engorgement.

So, after one of my sources asked, I sent her the book. She read it in ONE night and said it kept her up. (She has a computer that reads aloud to her). And she said not only was everything I wrote about possible (I was a bit worried that my main character managing to escape the bad guys was unbelieveable), but it was also the best YA book about blindness she had ever read.

I'm chuffed. (or whatever non-bragging bragging word there is for that in America)

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