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VOYA rocks my world

Voices of Youth Advocates (VOYA) reviews books from two perspectives.  One is whether they have literary quality (Q) and the other is whether they have teen appeal (P).  In each area they can receive up to 5 points, so the top score would be 5Q 5P. 

And Girl, Stolen just got a 5Q 4P - the best score I’ve ever gotten from them. [I still curl in a fetal position when I remember this key phrase from a review for Shock Point: "Libraries should spend their money on a more gripping story." Ouch!! In Shock Point's defense, it sold really well.]

Anyway, back to the VOYA review for Girl, Stolen: “A simple trip to the pharmacy turns Cheyenne Wilder’s life around. She is not feeling well and begs her stpmom to let her sleep i the back seat. It is warm and cozy, except for the fact the car is unlocked and the keys are in the ignition. Along comes Griffin, a small-time teen criminal. He steals the car, unaware that he has a passenger. Once Griffin discovers Cheyenne, he delivers her to the clutches of his greedy father and low-life associates.

“This crime thriller has several suspenseful elements. One is that Cheyenne is blind. How can she escape or identify her captors? She is being held in a remote wooded area and no longer has her cane or guide dog - she must utilize her sightless survivor skills. Another twist begins with Griffin’s dad, Roy. At first Roy is upset the accidentally kidnapped girl was brought home. From this simple chop-shop crime story, the plot evolves into a kidnapping scheme. With a $5 million price tag on Cheyenn’s head, the reader wonders if she will survive this harrowing ordeal. Who will come to her rescue?

“This novel is a worthy public and school library purchase featured a brave visually disabled female and a kindly, courteous male hero. It is not only page-turning suspense, but this roller coaster read also reminds the teen reader that ever action causes a reaction. Moreover, the author proves that brain power and kindness can triumph over bran and brutality.”

And the teen reader says it “grabs your attention with the first page” and calls it “well-crafted suspense.”

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