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Cat O'Nine Tales

On Tuesday, the cat that I had dropped off at the shelter 30 miles away showed up at our house again. The shelter said the owner had come had gotten her. They also said that if he hadn't picked her up she was scheduled to be euthanized today, because she was elderly and in poor health, with broken teeth and a heart murmur.

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Once I knew the cat had an owner, I decided I needed to stop feeding it. I figured the reason she was probably hanging around here was that I was buying her tastier meals than her real owner, plus feeding her bits of rotisserie chicken. She needed to go back to her real owner!

She needed to learn a lesson!

Only she refused to learn. She stayed on our porch or in our driveway. Anytime we went out, she was there. Yesterday, I broke down and gave her water.

Finally, by the end of the day, I decided I had to talk to the owner. I imagined an addled old woman. Maybe she was having trouble with money and I could start buying her cat food. I tucked the cat under one arm and walked up the block to these inexpensive condos where the shelter people had said her owner lived.

I found the address, but there was no cat food outside. The blinds were open in the dark living room, and the mail box was full. No one answered.

The condo across the way had a light, so I knocked. The older woman who answered made a face when I asked about the cat. She said the owner was a man who had two cats. And that when he went on business trips he made no provision for them.


They are on their own to find their own food. He depends on the kindness of strangers.

Reading between the lines, he sounded off in general.

So I guess the cat is now mine to feed. I mean, I can't let her starve. If I take her back to the shelter, Jerky Neighbor will either bail her out or she'll be put down, so that's not a good solution either.

My husband is already worried about winter, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Maybe the heart murmur will get her. Maybe the coyotes will. At least she will be fed.

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