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How you can still be busy every day and still not actually add to your WIP

In the last two weeks, I've:

- Written 1,500 words for Sisters in Crime’s next edition of Breaking and Entering
- Written a guest blog post about my career
- Written guest blog post about writing mysteries and thrillers
- Writen guest blog post about the inspiration behind Girl, Stolen
- Read a book I promised I would consider for review
- Prepped for a 75-minute class I’ll teach at Wordstock (Portland's literary festival)
- Prepped for a nine-week class I’ll be teaching about writing mysteries and thrillers
- Prepped for my portion of a Sisters in Crime class on writing mysteries
- Reviewed page proofs for Heart of Ice
- Created a reading group guide for Heart of Ice
- Prepped for and done a radio interview
- Had online meetings about a top secret project I’m involved in - one that launches August 17

What I haven't done:
- Write my next book

I take that back. I have written a little. A very little. I was reviewing the 20,000 or so words I had written ("Good, good, ooh, that's really good) when I came across a conversation and realized it was all wrong. For one thing, it shouldn't have taken place eight hours after something happened. It should have taken place eight minutes.

Which means I have to fix it.

After taking two weeks off from writing-writing, diving back in is scary!

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