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Going all fan girl about Patrick Ness and David Shannon

I'm going to be part of the Pacific Northwest Bookseller Association's Author Feast in early October. In these type of events, luckily, you don't get eaten (although your brain might get sucked out). Instead, you go from table to table of booksellers and talk about yourself. It's kind of like speed-dating, only there's one of you and like nine of them.

When I've done it before, you got like five or ten minutes. But at this one, it's going to be 20 minutes apiece. I'm worried I don't have 20 minutes of anecdotes in me.

But then I took a look at the list of attendees and realized there are several authors I can talk up as well. Two I am giddy about:

Patrick Ness! Who wrote The Chaos Walking series. I have been counting the days until Monsters of Men: Chaos Walking: Book Three comes out. And now I'm going to be able to have my own signed copy! And maybe sit next to him at the author's dinner (we eat together before we start going table to table). I will try not to gush. Or at least not very much.

Another author I'm super excited about meeting at the Author Feast is David Shannon! Who wrote No, David!. Which is pretty much the cutest book ever!

And not only that, but when Teen was in second grade, she wrote her own book called "No, Grandma!" (a frank homage to No, David!) I made a photocopy of it and sent it to him care of his publisher. And he wrote back! Someone at his level! I'm going to have to see if I can find that again and bring it with me.

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