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Do you love realistic YA? Now there's a place to celebrate it!

Celebrate realistic YA with The Contemps!
I love a sexy werewolf or hating an evil dystopian government as much as the next girl, but there's another side to YA literature: and realistic contemporary fiction.

Now there's a new group dedication to celebrating it, and I'm thrilled to be a member! "The Contemps" are 21 authors, all of whom have contemporary realistic books coming out in the next year.

"The Contemps" can be found at our homebase, www.thecontemps.com. We're planning a bunch of activities, including giveaways, spotlighting other contemporary realistic authors, multi-author events and sharing experiences from our own teenage years. Look for stories about making out, hanging out, parents, best friends, sex and sexuality,homework, high school bloopers, bullies, parties, teachers, racism, hobbies, drug and alcohol use, pop culture--some odd and lively mash-ups!

So check us out - and check back often! We've got a great kick-off challenge--commit to reading a certain number of our books, and you could win all of our new releases!

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