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“It’s like we were dancing.” What’s it really like to kill - when it’s kill or be killed?

A Hillsboro police officer recently faced a terrible choice after going to a closed restaurant where there had been an incomplete 9-1-1 call.

As the Oregonian reports:
“The man stepped into the kitchen and said he had just killed his wife. The officer saw the man was holding a butcher knife in his right hand.

"I was scared from the second he told me he killed his wife -- 'Oh, shit' is the only way to say it," Rios-Calderon said. "I know people are always like, 'Police officers aren't afraid,' but yeah, we're afraid. When he said that, I am like, 'This guy just killed his wife; what am I to him?'"

The officer took a step backward. The blood-soaked man moved closer to him. "It was like we were dancing," Rios-Calderon said.
Click here to read more about the cop’s experiences before, during and after he was forced to take a life.

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