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PW sees gold (or at least a little silver) in self publishing

Publishers Weekly has announced that it will start putting out something called “PW Select, a quarterly supplement announcing self-published titles and reviewing those we believe are most deserving of a critical assessment. ... The listings will include author, title, subtitle, price, pagination and format, ISBN, a brief description, and ordering information provided by the authors, who will be required to pay a processing fee for their listing.”

The cost? $149.

For that, you get listed in something I doubt anyone is going to read.

But wait, there’s more. “At least 25 of the submitted titles will be selected for a published review.” And “The entire PW editorial staff will participate in a review of the titles being considered for review, and we'll likely invite a few agent friends and distributors to have a look at what we've chosen. No promises there, just letting some publishing friends take advantage of the opportunity to see the collection.”

I really wish they wouldn’t dangle these carrots. How many people will do this hoping for a review, an agent, a real book deal?

Read Lee Goldberg’s take here.

Read the announcement here.

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