aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

"I avoid polyester clothing. They avoid talking about death."

An outsider can always see things more clearly. Lisa Daxer, a graduate student who has autism, likes to observe “neurotypicals,” as she calls us, and notes the unspoken rules we follow.

NPR says, “Most children quickly figure out the importance of making eye contact, how to read facial expressions and social cues, and how to fit into a group.But Daxer says these things are still very difficult for her. So she has become something of an amateur anthropologist, studying the social behavior of the people around her, the people she calls neurotypicals.”

“She had to memorize a list of topics that seemed to offend neurotypicals: "Don't talk about sex. Don't talk about the anatomy lab. Don't talk about surgery.  Don't talk about anything that happens in the bathroom."”

Daxer still doesn't really get taboos. She suggests that perhaps these subjects just irritate neurotypicals, the way certain sounds or textures can irritate people with autism.

"We all avoid different things," she says. "I avoid polyester clothing. They avoid talking about death."

Read and hear more here - there’s even a link to her LiveJournal blog.

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