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Teaser Tuesday

From The Girl in the Mini Cooper, coming in (I think) January 2012 from Henry Holt:
If you want something done right, you start with the correct raw materials.

My work has taught me that. You don’t begin with components that are completely wrong and try to force them to be something they never were and never can be.

I learned that lesson again with the first girl. What was her name? Jenny? Jessica? Janie? I no longer remember. She was an experiment, that's all. Much like when I was trying to decide between polyurethane and expanded polystyrene foam for modeling. You have to work with the expanded polystyrene before you realize that it does not allow for as many finish techniques.

And Kayla? Kayla is wrong in so many ways. Angry when Gabie would be sweet. Defiant when Gabie would be submissive. Ungrateful, damaged, disgusting. Gabie will be none of those things.

What I want - need - is to start over. With Gabie, the one I really wanted. But to do that, first I need to get rid of my mistake.

I can take Kayla down to the river and let her go. Release her from her troubles. They might not ever find her, and even if they do, the water should wash away any trace evidence. They’ll never know she was alive for a few days before she went in.

And then I can start fresh.

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