aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Thank you, Arcade Fire. I think.

Today it was a real struggle to get out the door and go running. But - I had made up a new play list that included Arcade Fire's The Suburbs and The Suburbs.

Neon Bible includes this song:

As the New York Times says [rather dryly]: "Multiple experiments have found that music increases a person’s subjective sense of motivation during a workout, and also concretely affects his or her performance. The resulting interactions between body, brain and music are complex and intertwined. It’s not simply that music motivates you and you run faster. It may be that, instead, your body first responds to the beat, even before your mind joins in; your heart rate and breathing increase and the resulting biochemical reactions join with the music to exhilarate and motivate you to move even faster." (Read more here.)

So sometimes when I run, a song will just cause me to feel overwhelming joy. And that happened with My Body is a Cage. It was early, the street was deserted, so when this song came on I found myself laughing out loud, then grinning ear to ear while pumping my fist in the air and running really fast.

At which point this guy I hadn't noticed got out of his car and started yelling at me. I'm pretty sure it was something complimentary.

I hope.

PS Guy who was sleeping in his car on Monday was not there today, for any of you following along at home.

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