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Every day could be your last

Two years after his parents were killed in a Conair crash that took the lives of 48 people, Wyn Morris founded the Morris Book Shop in Lexington - in part because their deaths were like a wakeup call for him.

He told WKYT ""When we were kind of faced with the task of going into the house and kind of collecting things up, I found the jacket to 'The Messenger', the book that I knew he has with him." WKYT says, "Months after the crash, Morris received a catalog of crash victim's personal effects that were aboard the ill-fated flight. While flipping through it, he made a stunning discovery. Inside was a photo of Les Morris' personalized signed copy of 'The Messenger' completely intact. Through the mangled wreckage and intense fire that followed the crash, the book emerged virtually unscathed....

“"It just felt really good to bring it home in a sense, this thing that I knew was special to my Dad, that he had had with him, and just to have it back flet like have a piece of him." For Wynn Morris, the book not only represents a tangible link to his late father, it also symbolizes a boyhood dream.

“Using his father's passing as a wake-up call, Wyn did something that he had put off for years. He took a chance, made a dream come true, and opened his south Lexington bookshop in 2008. "Everyday could be your last day, accidents happen and it is kind of a wake up call to stop screwing around and stop talking about what you want to do someday. Whether it is travel, or get a motorcycle, or fly in a hot air balloon, or God forbid open a bookstore."”

This is a reminder I need to heed more often.

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