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If anyone deserves a book deal, it’s this chick

Jon Gosselin's ex-girlfriend thinks she should get a book deal. If you’re like me, you have to put on your thinking cap to even remember who Jon Gosselin is. It’s that guy from the old show Jon & Kate Plus 8. The one who turned out to be kind of a jerk. At which point, I had already lost all interest in him.

But wait! There’s an old girlfriend of his, and she is being coy about what happened between them, because she wants a book deal. As she says in Radar Online, “"I figured I'd save this torture I went through and life lessons and all the real juicy crazy stuff the media did not get a hold of for a BOOK. It will make everything make more sense -- time lines, evidence of time lines. Just the whole nightmare of this annoying, traumatic, hurtful Soap Opera, which encumbers so many lives around us with the media and public hating and talking so much smack that it made 'nobodies' into 'notorious.' SUE ME if there's not one true thing in the book it will be all 110% TRUE. I have kept all evidence and people, you would be SHOCKED!”

Read more here.

So how much would you pay to read her book?

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