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Countdown to one-million with another giveaway: Buried Diamonds

According to Statcounter, I'm just a few thousand clicks away from having one million page loads for my blog. To celebrate, I’m doing a bunch of giveaways. See - and enter - them all here: http://aprilhenry.livejournal.com/tag/giveaways .

Buried Diamonds was the fourth in my series starring Claire Montrose, a woman who worked at Oregon’s DMV vetting vanity plates.

The plot
Claire Montrose discovers an engagement ring that has gone missing for 50 years. Did the young woman who owned it really commit suicide? One of Claire's elderly neighbors harbors an old secret—and will kill to keep it hidden. Past and present grow more entangled when neo-Nazis target Claire's Jewish roommate.

What the critics said
“A Portland mystery writer continues her rising career with an engaging tale set in motion when her irrepressible protagonist, Claire Montrose, discovers a diamond ring in a stone wall and sets in motion a hunt into its surprising history.” — Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“This is a fine addition to the Montrose saga: Claire remains cheerful and clever, and the City of Roses is winningly portrayed.” — Seattle Times

“Henry's acclaimed Claire Montrose series continues with a mystery involving a 50-year-old death and a diamond ring. ... Danger increases in this no-holds-barred novel of suspense, as hate crimes abound, and friends of Charlie's from the time of Liz's death meet with critical injuries.” — Romantic Times

“As Claire and Charlie try to find the ring's rightful owner and learn how it came to be buried in the wall, the surviving members of the old group begin to reconnect with deadly results. Cozy trappings, from Claire's ditzy mother's antics to developing romantic relationships, effectively contrast with chilling glimpses of Charlie's concentration camp days and interludes of seemingly unrelated modern-day hate-crimes in Portland. A vivid cast of elderly characters, including Frank, whose newfound popularity can be traced to his ability to drive at night, and Nova, who continues to live as recklessly as ever, will especially please senior fans.” —Publisher's Weekly 

“A solid entry in a solid series.” — Booklist

“A warm prize for a chilly day.” — Library Journal

Real-life inspiration
I talked to a bunch of folks who had lived in my neighborhood in the late Forties and early Fifties. Interestingly, none of them agreed on what landmarks were where when.

What you can win
A signed hardcover.

Leave a comment if you want in. You can enter as many of the drawings as you want. I'll be drawing names after I reach my one-millionth page load. If you are not on LiveJournal, then please leave me an email address or Facebook page or something or I'll have no way to contact you.

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