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Writing through the pain

Author Cheryl Rainfield’s Scars - a book that touches on several fraught topics - has met a warm reception. In an essay for Hunger Mountain, Cheryl talks about why books were a lifeline for her during her awful childhood, as well as her journey to publication.

In part, she says, “Many of my early drafts probably had too much raw and unrelenting pain, because that’s what I knew. But I wanted my book to be a good read—emotionally connecting and compelling as only a story can be. And I wanted to make sure people could hear my story—that there was enough light and hope to get them through. If I put too much pain in, people would turn away. But if I put too little in, I wouldn’t be true to myself or my experiences. I wanted people to understand what it’s like to be sexually abused—the effects, the trauma of it—and what it’s like to use self-harm to cope.”

She also reveals that the arms on the cover of the book are hers.

Read more of her moving essay here.

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