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What a way to be remembered

When their daughter and sister died in the Twin Towers on 9-11, her family rallied to do something good in her memory. The New York Times reports, “Brooke [Jackman] had phoned home on Sept. 10 to say she would leave Cantor Fitzgerald. Bond trading was the world of her father and of her older brother, Ross. ... She was applying to graduate schools for a master’s degree in social work. Helping children would be her niche.... Within weeks, even in their grief, the Jackmans began to build a memorial to their murdered daughter. They created the Brooke Jackman Foundation, dedicated to promoting literacy, especially among elementary school children in the city who haven’t caught many breaks in life. Over the years the foundation has distributed thousands upon thousands of books and backpacks — dubbed Brooke Packs — often to children mired in domestic violence and other predations.”

One woman told her Brooke’s mother, “Thank you for doing this for us. Now we’re readers. We’re family readers.””

Read more about this wonderful tribute here.

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