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Countdown to one-million with another giveaway: Shock Point

According to Statcounter, I'm just a few thousand clicks away from having one million page loads for my blog. I should reach the one-millionth mark around the end of the month. To celebrate, I’m doing a bunch of giveaways. See them all here: http://aprilhenry.livejournal.com/tag/giveaways .

Shock Point was my first novel for teens. [When I was writing it, I didn’t know that.] It was a finalist for the ALA's Teens Top 10 award, an ALA Quick Pick, named to the Tayshas Reading List, and chosen for the New York Times Library Books for the Teen Age.

About the book
Cassie Streng, 16, learns that her psychiatrist stepfather, Rick, prescribed an experimental drug for his teenage patients, three of whom have committed suicide. Before she can report him, she is grabbed by two men, handcuffed, locked in the back of a van, and taken to Peaceful Cove, a facility for troubled teens in Mexico. Rick has assured her mother that the place is an excellent boarding school–he maintains that he found crystal meth in Cassie's room–but she soon discovers the truth. She is trapped in a brutal prison camp, and she must make her way back to Oregon and convince someone of the danger Rick represents before anyone else dies.

What the critics said
"April Henry's suspenseful novel is fraught with tension from page one." - Children's Literature

"Short chapters that show how she uncovers her stepfather's actions alternate with the story of her journey from Portland to Mexico, a nicely executed technique that keeps the plot moving and readers engaged. ... Henry packs her first YA novel with the quick action and suspense that will keep even reluctant readers turning the pages." - School Library Journal

"Shock Point is a riveting tale of survival and determination, chockfull of suspense and urgency. Fair warning: once you start reading, you will find it nearly impossible to close the book until the very end." - Teenreads.com

"Henry's (the Claire Montrose mystery series) first YA thriller is a suspenseful tale of betrayal.... The alternating chapters help to build suspense. The meat of the story is Cassie's attempt to escape. She is an appealing, resourceful character struggling against too many odds—and readers will stick with this tale to see if she succeeds." - Publishers Weekly

"The wicked stepmother motif is altered to wicked stepfather in this contemporary chiller. ... Along with solid plotting and suspense comes a likable heroine who is a good match for the nefarious adults in her life." - Booklist

"Ms. Henry brings her considerable gift for suspenseful writing to young adults with this can't-put-it-down thriller." - Ingram Distributors

Real-life inspiration
The WWASP bootcamps - and the many lawsuits they inspired.

What you can win
A signed hardcover.

Leave a comment if you want in. You can enter as many of the drawings as you want. I'll be drawing names after I reach my one-millionth page load. If you are not on LiveJournal, then please leave me an email address or Facebook page or something or I'll have no way to contact you.

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