aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Pigeonholing women

First it was "romance novels." Then "chick lit." Then "hen lit," ie chick lit with heroines north of 40. Now it's "mom lit."

An editor interviewed for an article in the NY Times says there’s “a huge rise in the amount of books by stay-at-home moms writing fiction and nonfiction about that experience.”

But does it always have to have a name? You heard "dick lit" and "lad lit" a few times, but those terms have faded (full disclosure: maybe because that particular genre didn't sell). But it does seem like books by women tend to be labeled more than books by men.

I agree with Jennifer Weiner. The article says that she resents that women writing domestic dramas are categorized in ways that male writers aren’t. “My feeling about my own work is, I could be writing ‘The Aeneid’ and they would still have to call it chick lit or mommy lit or menopausal old hag lit.” She paused. “Crone lit — is that what’s coming next?”

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