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You’ve heard of ghostwriters - how about an actual ghost who writes?

The Smithsonian Magazine has an interesting story about how 90 ago a St. Louis housewife named Pearl claimed to channel the spirit of a woman named Patience who had died 300 years before. In a weird twist, much of what she channeled were her poems, stories and novels, all of them dictated by an Ouija board.

The New York Times hailed the ghost's first novel as a “feat of literary composition.” And the article says, “The Patience Worth case remains one of the most tantalizing literary mysteries of the last century, a window onto a vanished era when magic seemed to exist because so many people believed in it. In the decades since Pearl Curran’s death, in 1937, no one has explained how she produced Patience’s writing. Combing through the voluminous archives, however, a modern sensibility starts to see clues and patterns that may not have been apparent at a time when science was just starting to explore the far reaches of the human mind.

Read the article here.

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