aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The Crazies

Over on her blog, Ally Carter looks at what she calls The Crazies.

The Crazies are the voices in your head that insist you do more and more to promote your book. [Full confession time: with a book out today, I am guilty of the crazies.]

She says: "Suzanne Collins has an unfrequently-updated website. To my knowledge, she isn’t best buds with Rowling or Meyer or King. She did not “network” her way into Hunger Games. She wrote Hunger Games. Your career will be determined by the books you write, too."

I just figured out that I need to have my next YA written (it's half done) in the next six weeks. I'm going to try to take my crazy energy and put it into writing the best book I can.

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