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A terrible loss

Last week, the Pacific Northwest (full diclosure: I just typed Pacific Northwet, which really does describe it) got hit with some terrible storms. Trees down, flooding, and on Mt. Hood, the storm that seems to have killed three climbers. (Aside: you can rent locator beacons for $5 a day. I REALLY wish they would have done that. That mountain eats people every year. Including, 20 years ago, a friend's kid and eight other people, mostly teenagers.)

In Seattle, the storm resulted in the freak death of Katie Fleming, who did audiobooks under the name Anna Field, in homage to her great-grandmother. She had done the audio for over 200 books, and even won awards. While she was in the basement trying to save her recording equipment, a freak flash flood knocked down one wall. She was trapped and drowned. Neighbors heard her screaming. And then the screams stopped.

To read more about her, click here.

To hear her voice on the award-winning All Over Creation, click here.

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