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A couple of months ago we started feeding a neighborhood cat after learning the real "owner" would go on business trips and leave her no food or water. None.

Since then she has been living on our porch. I got her a litter box (well, three litter boxes, because I kept upgrading), a cat house, two special pads that reflected back body heat, and a whole bunch of "savory shred" cat food because she seemed to like that one the most (she did not eat a lot). She was old and scrawny and not in the best of health. Her tail would pick up burrs and such. Once I saw marks on her fur where a slug had crawled over here while she slept.

Still, she has been faithfully at the back door at 6 am. Until yesterday. The last time I saw her was Monday afternoon. She was lying on the back deck, looking kind of out of it. Two leaves had fallen on her while she napped in the sun.

I've been looking for her, but I don't think I'm going to find her. At least not alive.

This morning when I was running I saw a dried-up looking worm lying in the middle of a wide expanse of blacktop. As I ran past it, I saw it feebly move. It's been really warm here. No way was this worm going to make it through another hot day.

I picked it up and moved it under some bushes. The ground looked dry there too, though. Not sure how well that one will work out.

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