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Live in Portland?

If you live in the Portland area, then on Saturday, October 2, you could stop by Powells Cedar Hills at 2 p.m. and see me (author of Girl, Stolen), LK Madigan (author of The Mermaid's Mirror), and Lauren Kate (author of Torment (Fallen).

Or how about Wordstock October 8, 9, and 10? There are so many wonderful authors who will be in town for that. You can go to http://www.wordstockfestival.com/ for more details.
- On Saturday, October 9, at 10:30, I'll be teaching a class at Wordstock on how to start a series
- On Sunday, October 10, I'll be talking about Girl, Stolen at 3 p.m.
- And the rest of the weekend, I'll be running from presentation to presentation, trying to figure out how to see everything at once.

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